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Cinderella Cosmetic Surgery – Foot Alteration Surgery

Over the past years, you must have come across details of several bizarre and strange forms of beauty treatments and procedures. Beauty treatments are no longer limited to face and skin treatments and now it is possible to find a cosmetic treatment for almost any part of the body. The latest cosmetic treatment to join the bandwagon is the Cinderella cosmetic surgery. Intended towards giving the perfect feet, this surgery consists of treatments like toe lengthening, toe shortening and fat pad augmentation to reshape the foot. Most women are known to have a fetish for shoes, especially heels and Cinderella surgery helps them in reshaping their feet to look and fit better in any shoe they desire.

Procedure of Cinderella surgery varies from person to person as it depends on what the foot exactly needs. It may involve a number of things like removing bits of feet to decrease their size, lengthen or shorten toes, inject or reduce fat from soles of the feet and others. Cinderella surgery is also done to fix problems like hitchhikers toe or changed shape of feet due to constant use of high heels. It has taken beauty treatments to an upper limit where people are ready to get their feet cut just for ‘perfect’ fitting of designer shoes. The trend has gained immense popularity over a short period as ‘toes’ have become the recent emphasis point in beauty.

Though foot beautification sounds appealing, there is a huge debate over whether it is worth the risk or not. Cinderella surgery procedures are short, lasting for an average 20 minutes but the risk of disabling pain for years to come is very high. Some doctors claim that it will give rise to a bigger public health problem and increase pressure on women to always be stylish. While it is a confidence booster for few fashion enthusiasts, it may be a crazy vain procedure for others. To what extent can a person go to get a Perfect 10 or Model T feet influences their opinion about this treatment!


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