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You spend a substantial amount of time and money on your wardrobe. To open your closet and see your hard earned money thrown haphazardly on shelves or laying on the floor should be a crime. Take care of the investment that is your personal wardrobe. You have carefully shopped for these items and the same care is required to maintain them. Prettie Encyclopedia is your personal guide to cure all the ills of your closet and will assist in  enhancing  your personal “Prettie” style.  So if your closet could use some TLC let’s get organized.

Organize clothing in your closet by type and then arrange each section by color light to dark to provide a upscale boutique look to your wardrobe.   This organizational technique makes finding particular pieces a breeze.   Use thin velvet hangers to maximize available space and provide a uniform look to your closet.

Tame your T-shirts by rolling them and placing them in a canvas hanging shoe organizer to relieve over stuffed drawers.

When folding and stacking sweaters, arrange them in smaller groups on shelves separated by color is a “prettie” solution for toppling sweater piles.

For an inexpensive fix for hanging skirts, take a cue from the dry cleaners and use large safety pins to attach your skirt to each end of  an ordinary hanger. This works for one shoulder shirts as well as strapless dresses. (You may need 4 safety pins for heavier strapless dresses)

Fall in love with your newly organized closet and make room for new Spring 2014 fashions.

The Prettie Wardrobe is your virtual solution to closet mayhem.

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