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CamFind – A Visual Search Engine App

How often have you found yourself in situations where you wished there was an option to text search online? Frequently, right? Well, for searching for any object online, you need to know its name or at least some characteristic of that object. When you don’t know either of this but have the object in front of you, how will you search for it online? CamFind, an app by Image Searcher Inc, is the answer to your problem. An image-based search service, CamFind has leveraged mobile visual search experience for products. A free app for iOS and Android, CamFind has made the mobile phones more powerful and changed the way users use it for product searching and shopping, thus saving their time, money and efforts.

Next time you wish to know details or buy a particular product online, simply open the CamFind app and turn your phone camera into a search engine. Point the lens towards the object and tap the shutter, and CamFind will look up the object for you. From product information to options to purchase it online and price comparisons, everything is available at a tap away! With barcode reader and QR code scanner available in the app, there are more options to search for an object along with text search. Prime features of this app include –

  • Easy to use, simple interface. Using the app is similar to using camera of your cell phone, simple point towards an object and shoot a picutre.
  • Identify a plethora of different objects by simply clicking their picture and the search is not limited to shopping objects. Shoot an image of a movie poster, and the app will present you with the trailer, links to Wikipedia and IMDB pages for that movie as well as show timings for that movie in your area. If you take picture of a hotel signboard, it will return results of similar restaurants located nearby.
  • Search can be translated to multiple languages, and you can also get a voice over of translated objects. You can also use the app as a rudimentary translator.

Image based search was introduced by Google Goggles where you could take a photo of any object with your iPhone and Google would search for and return relevant data to that image. CamFind app has taken this image search experience a little further by offering more features and better accuracy than Google Goggles. With more than 1 million downloads for iOS version of the app alone, developers are trying to use CamFind’s search technology in other possible ways.

Though there have been few negative reviews about CamFind and little inconsistencies and glitches in the app, it has broadened the scope of image recognition and visual search with mobiles. Available for free, it is a fun app to try and experiment around.  How does CamFind succeed in the long run and withstand competition will be evident in the coming times!



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