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Price $FREE! – Restyle your Wardrobe by Swapping

Is your wardrobe overflowing with outfits, most of them that you don’t wear anymore? Wondering how you can clear clutter off your closets in a productive way? Wouldn’t it be great if you could swap your unwanted near-new items with something you want from another person’s closet? Well, it is now possible with, an online community that facilitates multi-person swaps for fashion items without the need of negotiation. All you need to pay is the shipping charges for the item you will receive in exchange.

Traditional swaps are 2-way exchange of goods, but they fail when the other person does not have anything that interests the first person. With, the swap takes place in a group so you may give your item to one person and receive item of your interest from another person. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both the parties in the swap. There is no scope for bargain or negotiation either as while posting a request, you need to quote how much will you offer for it. So, you get exactly what you wanted and in the exact price you requested it for. Trading second-hand goods is a great way of making more productive use of the item, without the burden of wasting wardrobe space with items you do not want. Along with fashion clothing and accessories, you can also swap babies’ and childrens’ goods with

To post your request with, you need to sign up and create your profile with the site. Signing up is easy and free of charge. For posting an item on the site for swapping, you need to take a picture of that item and upload it on the site along with other details like name, brand and information. The website uses algorithm that eases swapping in circle and presenting users with options of items they would like to have in exchange.

Moving ahead of 2-person swap, gives a satisfying and better user experience. Give your closet a makeover, get rid of unwanted items and stay updated with latest fashion trend without pinching your pocket!


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