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A great pair of jeans are a definite “must have.” You can’t go wrong with jeans because you can dress them up or make them more casual… really you can do whatever you want to do with a great pair of jeans. Although, I’m not one to shout my love for jeans from the rooftop, I will admit that finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans has proven to be much more of a hassle than I had expected. Thankfully, more and more companies and designers are revamping the “Traditional” fitting jean so that women are finally able to wear jeans comfortably and not have to constantly defend themselves from low rise jeans that only look great on a particular body shape or the pencil leg jeans that really only works its magic on a completely different body type than the first pair works. Granted stores have made great strides on creating a jean that works for more than just one woman, but I am still faced with one issue in particular every time I walk into a store to purchase jeans. I NEED A LONG INSEAM! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found the cutest pair of jeans that I was completely excited about until I went to try them on. What a tease right?! I know, but I didn’t let the long list of “Almost the perfect fit” experiences defeat me. I set out on a search and you will not believe what I found! Other than finally realizing that I wasn’t the only woman dealing with the classic “tall girl” dilemma, I found that ordering online can help to ease the hassle.
Believe it or not, some of the same stores that you have diligently visited and couldn’t find anything, actually carry “long,” “tall” and sometimes even “extra- long” jean options! Take for instance New York and Company and Nordstroms carry various styles that have inseams that go up to 35” or Lucky Brand jeans that have styles that have inseams that go up to 37” and finally Height Goddess; which I found online that has some jeans that have inseams of 40”! So, to all my beautifully tall women that are tired of walking around in jeans that are just a tad too short or are a little big everywhere else because you had to go a size bigger for the length, rest those long legs behind your computer and fall in love with all the options online that you may not have known about before! Oh, and trust me… you won’t be forced to settle with a pair of awful mom jeans, there are plenty of very trendy and still affordable options for you to browse!


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