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The Neon Trend


This season has been all about bright colors, bold prints and contrasting pieces, but one trend that has and continues to make a statement is the “neon trend.” Fashion during the 1960’s was huge! Neon disco skirts, tights and full jumpsuits were definitely must-haves and after being escorted away from the “fashion scene,” it is back with a vengeance. We love fun trends, but with one that is as “hit or miss” as this one, we have to acknowledge that there are some rules. First, you don’t want to pair too many neon pieces together in one outfit. A neon top, neon jeans and neon cap toe pumps combined together is a taking the trend way too far! Try to pair your neon jeans, with a muted top, that way your outfit says, “I’m fun and fashionable,” and not, “I’m so obsessed with neon, that I wore every piece that I own at one time.” I would also suggest that you stick with black and white tops when you decide to wear your bright jeans this way, you can tone down the color. Another tip is don’t wear your bright colored jeans skin tight; it’ll only make you look bigger so go with a more relaxed fit. A pair of “skin tight” neon jeans will basically highlight any problem area that you may have, so don’t do it! Now that we’ve covered the basic “don’ts” what you should “do” now is go and find your perfect pair of neon jeans! Go for it and have fun!


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