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Now that fur is back in vogue the controversy around it is beginning to stir up again. Both sides bring valid points to the table; animals are tortured when being harvested for their fur but the materials faux fur is made from takes hundreds of years to break down.  If you wanted to get technical, the productions of both products are bad for the environment. Dressing and dying real fur can cause water pollution if not correctly manage while synthetic fur produces chemical waste both in the manufacturing and dying of the fibers.  With that being said there are benefits to wearing both versions of this garb. Faux fur costs less than regular fur and last  longer whereas real fur is very needy when it comes to maintenance. But on the other hand, real fur is warmer and one could never go wrong when purchasing it. Never the less, wearing your choice of a fur coat on those cold winter days is an elegant and classy look. A good coat should make you look slimmer instead of heftier. To achieve the perfect figure, choose a coat with short hair such as beaver or minx. The long hairs of a fox or coyote will make you appear to be overweight which unless you are in a mob movie, is never a good look. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear real fur, faux fur or even go thru your grandmother’s closet and rock the vintage look, the choice is yours and you should stick to your guns about it no matter what.


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