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In order to be more effective in achieving your goals, you need to revamp the way you view your day. Here are 4 easy steps to assist you in prioritizing your obligations and making the most of everyday.

1.  Write out your daily list of obligations in order of those that will have the greatest impact on your life to those that will have the least impact on your life. (Example: Car Note or Homework has a greater impact on your life than checking email or buying a new outfit.)

2.  Label each  newly prioritized item with the letters A, B, C, D, E.

(A) Absolutely Necessary: Bills, work, projects…etc.

(B) Better if completed by me: Supportive of absolutes and can only be done by you.

(C) Can Wait: There are no consequences if not done. (Ex: a manicure or washing the car.)

(D) Delegated: Done by someone else. (Ex: drop laundry to wash and fold, drop the dog to groomer, order healthy& beauty online)

(E) Eliminated: Not the best use of your time. (Ex: television or window shopping )

3. Once you have compiled your list go about your day in order of importance.  This helps cultivate big picture thinking as you learn to give your attention to important and urgent tasks first.

4.  Do not handle any of the lower priority obligations until all of the (A) and (B) items on your list are complete. This ensures that no matter what the day brings all of the important matters in your life are handled.

Give it a try and you will be organized, effective and the CEO of your life.

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