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This season is all about incorporating new textures in your wardrobe. Anyone can match colors and patterns and look great, but to add different textures into your outfit can be a little bit more challenging. Some designers including Phillip Lim and Yves Saint Laurent are finding creative ways to use pony hair with their shoes and handbags. Although, adding different textures to your wardrobe can be tricky, it’s worth the try. Perhaps you find a pair of smoking slippers with pony hair. The best way to wear this is if you make those shoes your “statement piece.” Pair your shoes with a basic pair of jeans and a solid colored top. This way, you don’t have too many pieces competing with one another. The key to this trend just like any other trend is moderation. Too many “statement pieces” in one outfit can lead you to a fashion disaster. Regardless of how you decide to try out new textures like pony hair, just remember to keep it simple and you’re good to go!




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