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Dressing for an Interview – Make the Right Impression

It is said that ‘First impression is the last impression’! When you walk in for an interview, you really need to make a striking first impression as getting off the wrong foot may completely ruin your chances of getting the job. The way you dress up reveals your personality and also creates a perception about the type of person you are. So, if you want to present yourself as the right candidate to be hired for the position, you need to start right and start is dressing right.

With school semesters coming to an end, you will soon be attending interviews for your summer internship or training. Remember, dressing for school and dressing for job is completely different, and you can’t take interview dressing lightly. Don’t let your dressing style cost you your job; here are few tips for the perfect interview outfit –

  • When choosing your outfit, it is smarter to stick to conservative colors like black, gray, brown or navy blue. Do not wear bright colors or bold prints for your interview.
  • Make sure your outfit looks clean tailored and sharp. If you are wearing a skirt, opt for knee length skirt. Avoid wearing too tight, too short, cleavage baring or too loose outfits; instead of focusing on style, give priority to proper fit and comfort.
  • Even if you are dressing in a less formal way, do not wear t-shirts with obscene graphics, logos or satirical statements.
  • Accessorize wisely; do not let your accessories become a distraction during the interview. Stick to simple accessories like a watch, small earrings rather than chunky bracelets.
  • Footwear is a crucial part of your attire. You can opt for low heels as they make you look confident. Black pumps are the safest and most versatile choice for formal and less formal interview dressing. Do not wear high heels or footwear in bright colors.
  • Make sure your attire is clean, spotless and pressed. Even, you shoes should be shining and clean.

For any interview, confidence is a must and the way you dress goes a long way in giving you that confidence. Show the interviewer that you have come prepared and are taking the opportunity  seriously!


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