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nude lipstick

Nude lipstick is one cosmetic trend that seems to be here for the long haul. We’ve seen it take the crown in beauty three seasons in a row. Perhaps you thought, the bold colors and soft pink lipstick would take its throne, however it’s evident that an amazing nude lip isn’t going anywhere. Prettie Encyclopedia is all about giving you the latest style tips, trend reports and product reviews. The good thing about is that we aren’t promoting any specific product, so we can be honest with you and because we want to always be honest with you, I can say that nude lipstick has come a long way. When it started making more of an appearance in 2011, it was little bit shaky. It was almost like cosmetic companies didn’t realize that “nude” for one person may not be “nude” for the next.
Thankfully, more product lines are now incorporating different shades of nude. One of my favorite nude lipsticks are from Bobbi Brown Cosmetic line. They have a nude lipstick for every skin complexion so you don’t have to worry about your “nude lip” not being nude at all. For fair skin, I’d suggest that you use BB Beige, medium and olive skin complexions it would be safe to stick with BB Brownie and for dark complexions, BB Hot Cocoa looks absolutely amazing.
If you’re interested in trying out any of these colors or you just want to test out new make up all together, then check out Bobbi Brown Cosmetics online at
I can almost guarantee that you will find something that you absolutely love!


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