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First Date

Believe it or not, you are not the only person that is completely freaked out about first dates! Usually, I would’ve planned out my outfit, decided how to wear my hair and do my makeup long before the time of the date, but what I’ve found is that my planning makes me 10times more nervous than if I just jump in feet first. I’m a pretty anxious person, so not to plan makes me nervous on the front end, but tend to result in a smoother time during the date. It could be because I didn’t allow myself too much time to get worked up, but regardless it works for me! Of course I’m not saying that this will work for everyone but I did find that there are some things you can do to make you a little bit more at ease on your first date. First, remind yourself that they are just as nervous to be on a date with you as you are with them. Even if you don’t really believe this is the case, make yourself believe it’s the case! This way, you don’t feel really lame for being so nervous because either you know that they are just as nervous or you’ve lied to yourself enough for you to know that you’re over reacting! Win- Win situation.
My second suggestion is to talk about how nervous you are! Send a text saying “hey I’m excited about our date. I’m so nervous but excited nonetheless!” Probably more times than not, he’s going to respond with something like “don’t be nervous,” or “you don’t have anything to be nervous about, it’ll be fun!” Guys love that! They like feeling like they are more in control than you are, so use that to your advantage! I know this isn’t going to always be enough to ease your nerves, but at least you don’t have to hide it now! And even more, you don’t have to get to that awful point where he leans in and asks, “Are you nervous or something?”
Finally, my third suggestion is to remember it’s just a date. No one is sending you off on your first date in hopes that you will come back married. Go and have fun! Having fun, being confident and of course looking your best, all call for a great time! Don’t spend all of your time making sure he sees you as the perfect woman because the one who is to have your heart will love you beyond your flaws.


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