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Ladies, tighter isn’t always better. I know that we live in a time when we are proud to show off our lovely curves, but leaving something the imagination isn’t a bad thing. Fall is about oversized sweaters, longer hemlines and tights. Also, believe it or not, when you wear clothes that are too tight, it makes you appear bigger than you actually are. It may also suggest that you’ve gained weight, because people assume that  it’s no way that someone would buy something that looks to be a size too small. Wearing some clothes, especially those that are for the fall season a size bigger will make you look like you’re smaller. It’s all about knowing your angles; you don’t have to squeeze into a spandex dress to look like pretty. Wearing a well- tailored dress and a pair of gorgeous riding boots isn’t just for older women. Incorporating oversized sweaters, fall shift dresses and full scarves make for classically beautiful look. You’ll also leave something to the imagination leaving your guy wanting for more.


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