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Yves Saint Laurent said, “The most beautiful make up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Modesty is the key, especially in reference to make-up . You don’t need to recreate your face every morning, the one you have works perfectly fine! Using make up to enhance, is a completely different story! Let’s be real, we don’t wake up every morning with glowing and blemish free skin, so of course you should use your make up to enhance the beauty that comes naturally. Think about how embarrassing it could be if you’re out and you meet an absolutely amazing guy; he leans in to give you a sweet hug goodbye and when you pull away half of your face is still on the front of his shirt! So now, not only is the guy that just asked you out on a date upset that you ruined one of his favorite shirts, but you also have to walk around with two different faces for the rest of the day. Granted you can do a touchup or even better a “repaint” in the nearest restroom, but who has time for such a hassle? Girl, put on enough to where you feel completely dressed and keep it moving! Remember, YES to ENHANCING…NO to RECREATING!


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