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Nail Art

Beautiful nails play such a big role in completing an outfit. You can add a bright color, a cool pattern or even an unexpected texture to your nails to take your entire outfit from okay to absolutely fabulous! Here is a way for you not to spend your entire afternoon sitting in an expensive salon! There are so many accessories and nail design kits on the market that you can transform your nails while you’re at home. Although I am a simple girl when it comes to my nails, so I’ll be happy with a basic manicure, but for you ladies that enjoy having a little more spice on your nails, I found a few easy steps that can take your nails from blah to boom!
1st Apply a clear base coat to your clean nails and allow it to dry
2nd After your base coat has dried, apply two coats of a desired nail color allowing time for them to dry
3rd Create a nail design on your nails using a design polish
You will be able to tell the difference between design polish and regular nail polish because the design polish usually comes in a narrow bottle and has a very thin brush. The thin brush makes it a lot easier to create very detailed designs on your nails! But the transformation is that simple! Now, you don’t always have to worry about setting up an appointment and spending more money than you would have liked because you can create your own designs right at home!


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