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3D Printing – Revolutionizing the Fashion World

3D printing has taken fashion world by the storm! Fashion evolves continuously, and 3D printing has brought a new face to fashion. It has opened possibilities that couldn’t even be imagined before. Nobody had ever thought that it will be possible to ‘print’ clothes rather than use a sewing machine, but 3D printing has made it possible. Technology has touched every aspect of human life, and 3D printing is the influence of technology on fashion. Considered to be the face of future fashion, designers are already experimenting with 3D printing and using it for making innovative outfits and fashion accessories. From 3D printed dresses to shoes and jewelry, applications of 3D printing in fashion industry are broadening every day.

With popularity of 3D printing growing, more and more designers are trying this technology. Some of the widely acclaimed dresses in this new haute couture include –

  • Burlesque icon, Dita Von Teese worn a Swarovski crystal encrusted gown to the convention held in March 2013. Designed by renowned designer Michael Schmidt in collaboration with Francis Bitonti, an architect, this 3D printed dress consisted of 12000 Swarovski crystals and more than 2500 intersecting pieces of joints.
  • Cara Delevingne, the model for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December 2013, hit the runway with 3D printed lingerie. Wings of this outfit were designed by architect Bradley Rothenberg and 3D printed by Shapeways. The angel wings, designed to mimic crystalline snowflakes, was a quintessential part of this intricately designed corset.
  • Pia Hinze, a German designer, presented a 3D printed baroque era styled gown as a part of her graduate collection in June 2013. Inspired by Baroque era, this bronze and gold gown was printed in different parts which were then glued together. With history as inspiration and modern lines and cut, this gown was truly a masterpiece.

Gap between technology and fashion is narrowing with 3D printing. From aiding designing to creation, 3D printing in innovative and awe-inspiring, but it has a long way to go before it will be ready to wear fashion.



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