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perforated fabric trend 2014


Cutting Up for Spring

With exposed panels at the chest, waist, and everywhere else it’s clear that perforated and laser cut fabrics are having a moment this spring. You can look stylish and fashion forward by adding this trend to your spring wardrobe. There are three aspects to consider when purchasing a perforated or laser cut article of clothing. The first key aspect you should consider is color, perforated or laser cut  clothing in the same color as your skin tone will give the illusion of inappropriate nudity. Select a color that is two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone.  Second, consider where the laser cut or perforation is located on the body. A cut out  close to the collar bone on a dress or  below the waist on a top are acceptable areas for a little fun in the workplace. Laser cut mesh midsections or fully perforated pieces should be reserved for date night and weekends. Nothing can ruin a Prettie Lady’s reputation faster than an inappropriate ensemble in the workplace. Finally, you should consider the fit. The perforated or laser cut item should fit to fully display the detail and not pull and bulge to distort the image. Remember, clothing is a designer’s work of art and how you wear it conveys how much you know about the philosophy of clothing.


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