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Break In Your Heels

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Prettie Steps – Your Simple  Solution To The New Shoes Conundrum 

A fantastic pair of heels is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. But, one common problem experienced with new pair of high heels is blisters that may leave you unable to walk which could end your night early, or ruin your day. Forced to walk during  work hours with the searing pain of your shoe rubbing on the back of your heel or your foot sliding causing a blister on the ball of your foot makes a great stylish pair shoes your worst enemy.  Blisters can be horrible and sometimes, the experience of high heels is so tragic that they may never be worn again.

When you are attending an important event, you surely wouldn’t like to experience a situation where you are unable to walk or move. But, does that mean you should sacrifice your fashion consciousness and not wear stylish high heels? Of course not; you simply need to break in the high heels properly to make sure they are comfortable well before you attend the important event you are looking forward to.

Here are some simple ways to break-in high heels:

  • Don’t try on a new heel directly on the day you intended to wear them. Start using them a few days before; you do not need to wear them all day long. Just wear them for some time and remove when they start to  hurt. You can walk around the house, do your dishes or simply sit and watch television or read while wearing your heels so that your foot gets accustomed to the shoes. You will realize that your feet will start feeling comfortable in moving around in your new stylish high heels.
  • In initial days, wear high heels with socks. Socks will help in stretching the heel a little, thus avoiding blisters when you wear them without socks.
  • Apply  Prettie Steps the no-slip pads ( on the inside of  your heels to relieve pain the of blisters and cushion the ball of the foot.

High heels hurt when worn for the first time! But, instead of giving up on high heels, make them wearable order your Prettie Steps today!



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