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Sadly I have yet to met a woman who is completely happy with her  physical appearance. We turn microscopes on ourselves and analyze everything from eye size to dress size and it’s a colossal waste of emotional energy. When you over analyze yourself you begin to create limiting beliefs that these perceived flaws will keep you from having the life, partner, or job you have always dreamed of having. You believe because you see the flaws everyone else seems them as well, when in reality most people look at the over all package and that is the way you should view yourself. Overall you are “prettie” amazing, talented, and capable. There are plenty of people in life with worse afflictions or physical limitations that have conquered self doubt and achieved their dreams. So the next time you find yourself over analyzing a particular part of your body, think of someone with that same flaw who is successful. That mental energy you are spending worrying about a minor blemish could be better used toward creating the life you want.  I guarantee by the time you start achieving your goals one at a time, you won’t have time to worry about the voice in head or what  you think other people think of you. You will have true peace and happiness.

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