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Black, White and 50 Shades of Gray

Black, White, Gray

In fashion houses of every name and price point, the classic combination of black and white has received a millennium interpretation of the eternal yin and yang. Muted ivory tones seem to replace the brilliant white option in most styles. The bold patterns such as color blocking and the re-emergence of the hounds tooth now seems as exciting as the bold new color pallets of spring. The simplistic nature of these base colors offer endless style possibilities and a quick solution to the “ What should I wear?” dilemma.

Pattern: Look at where the white lands on the body. White magnifies any part of the body and it should come with a caution label. Black is minimizing and it should land on the area of the body you would like to minimize. In the case of stripes use caution and pay close attention to the midsection and rear view. When in doubt take a photo.

Fabric: Thick cable knits of the turtleneck variety should avoided, this adds volume to the face, neck, and frame. The thicker the fabric the larger you will look in it. Thin fabric clings and enhances any perceived flaws. Slimming undergarments would easily do the trick for a must have dress.

Cut: Pay close attention to the shape. Is it form fitting, loose and relaxed? Or is it structured and unforgiving? Look beyond the label, sale, or desire to have the garment and make an honest assessment. If you don’t absolutely love the way you look, sleep on it. If you are still thinking about how great you looked the next day, go for it.

If black and white is too boring for you, add a pop of color in your accessories. Explore your closet and enjoy!!


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