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Prettie Production’s motto is “Prettie everyday in every way”. We believe that there is “prettie” way to do everything, even argue.
Here are five tips to resolving a conflict.

1. Stick to the issue.
There is nothing worse than bringing issues to the conflict that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.
It allows the person to think that you are not really upset about the current issue and so they will not really listen or take you seriously.

2. No name calling. Period.
You do not have to attack a someone personally to get your point across.
We are Ladies in the Prettie Nation and taking cheap shots in the heat of an argument is beneath us.

3. Calmly state your point.
Think calm and poised thoughts. State exactly what is bothering you and wait for a response.
Be prepared for the person to say something you may not want to hear.

4. Be solution oriented.
Take responsibility for the part you played in the conflict without placing blame.
Explain that you are interested in resolving the conflict to avoid a similar disagreement in the future.

5. Take a timeout.
Loud arguments only escalate, insults are hurled and feelings are hurt. Think about having a conversation as opposed to a confrontation. Only when you can picture yourself poised and collected should you approach the subject. In the heat of the moment, say nothing or agree to a conversation at a later date. No one can argue by themselves.

When you truly adopt “Prettie everyday in every way as your personal philosophy it will eventually reflect in every aspect of your life



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