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50’s Hairstyles


A lot has changed since the 1950’s including how we as women style our hair. Hair styles were not dependent on heat sources like they are now since the hair dryer wasn’t invented then. Hair was manipulated into styles with rollers, pins, permanent waves and tons of hairspray. Women were more accentuating with their appearance as well as their hair in the 50’s. New hairstyles were created to reflect the femininity that was lost during the war.  Curly hair was trendier than straight in this era since curly hair was thought of as being womanly.  Salons would be filled with women requesting curly styles to show off their beauty whether being a housewife or a working woman. In recent years, celebrities have been taking inspiration from this period when doing their own hair.  A simple way to recreate a similar look at home is with soft curls. Soft curls and a side part can create a trendy ‘50s hairstyle for long hair. For to do this, at the forehead, part your hair to one side. Use curling iron or hot rollers to curl from that side part. Hold the curls with hairspray or curl mousse. Use bobby pin and slide it to one side of the hair.


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