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Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Monte Cristo Sandwiches
Price $Varies

½ lb sliced turkey

½ lb sliced ham

2 table spoons of butter

2 table spoons of honey

2 cans of crescent rolls

6-8 slices of Muenster cheese

½ -1 cup of Raspberry Jam


Melt the honey and the butter into a bowl and stir until it is evenly mixed

Brush the honey and butter mix over the crescent dough before you bake it.

Allow the flat crescent to bake for the suggested time and now it’s time to put your sandwich together!


Here is a simple order for you to follow:

Baked Flat crescent

Slices of turkey and ham

2 slices of Muenster cheese

Raspberry Jam

Baked Flat Crescent


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