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Burberry Cashmere Sweater Men Black Apricot

Guys don’t you remember how proud your girlfriend looked at you when she saw your wearing that sweater that she bought you last fall? Even though, you may not have been a huge fan of the gift, you wore it just to make your special lady happy right? Guys you don’t have to wear something that you dislike to make her happy, you just have to be willing to give it try. Here’s what you do, when your girlfriend shows you a sweater that she thinks you’ll look great in and you want to cry on the inside, just smile and say, “I like the color, but I think I want to try a different style.” This way, she knows not to surprise you with a sweater like the one she showed you and now you’ve secured some time to shop for things that you like. You’ve also set yourself up to earn some much needed brownie points now that you’ve basically told your girlfriend that you don’t like the clothes she chooses for you. Go out and find a sweater that you like, make sure to get it a size larger than you would normally wear your casual tops so that it falls nicely and wear it the next time you see her. Before you go in to greet her say something like, “Baby, I know you like for me to wear sweaters, so I picked this one up hoping that you would like it.” Don’t ask her if she likes it because if she doesn’t, it could ruin the night. After she sees that you’ve made an attempt to please her she’ll be all smiles and now you’ve come out on top.




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