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Surprise your girlfriend with a gift!


Guys, it is always a sweet gesture to surprise your lady with flowers at work and dinner that evening but with twelve months in a year, and tons of opportunities to make your lady feel special, flowers and dinner it may need to switch it up sometimes. First thing that you should know is that its girls usually give hints about the things that she likes! So, spend some time with her at the mall or her favorite store. I can guarantee she will find something that she likes. Maybe she will buy it and maybe she won’t. Either way, you’ll know more about what she likes… or at least what stores she likes! I would suggest that if you decide to buy purchase an item of clothing you MUST know her size. You only have two options with something like this. Either you know her size or you buy shoes! Nothing is worse than getting a size 16 dress and your girlfriend wears an 8 because you just basically said that you think she looks like she wears a size 16 dress when she actually wears an 8. If you make that mistake you may have a heated night, but not the type of heat you were probably hoping for. So, remember when in doubt buy her shoes. Regardless of what you decide to do, it’s the thought that counts and I’m sure she would be happy just to know that you thought to do something to make her feel special. Say it with me, a happy lady leads to a happy life!





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