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Cade Shaving Cream by L’Occitane

Price $30.00

Do you have itchy or oily skin, maybe even an ingrown hair…..? Or two? So, while searching for the closest best shave with the most killer results. Cade Shaving Cream by L’Occitane! This shaving cream enhances the shaving experience.  This shaving cream is enhanced with shea butter, grape seed oil and juniper essential oil. All of these in one cream will give you a million dollar shave. The shea butter moisturizes the skin so you’re not left with that dry dull feeling. The grape seed oil contains antioxidants, which protects the skin from free radicals, and the juniper essential oil helps with fighting off any harmful pollutants outside from sun and wind. Not to mention if you have any problems with ingrown hairs, those problems will be a thing of the past. The scent is light and very fresh. Of course for the best results it should be used with the aftershave balm. The Cade After Shave Balm coats the skin with naturally and organically grown ingredients that are excellent for sensitive skin. So throw that burning aftershave away. No burn and no left over residue. These two products together will make your face soft and healthy. These products are imported from the south of France and have organically grown ingredients included, so with that said, they aren’t cheap. The Cade Shaving Cream is $28.00 and the Cade After Shave Balm is $30. About a 60 dollar purchase in all, not that bad… Besides this is your face we are talking about… How much is your face worth?


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