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Syntha-6 protein

Price $29.00

Pre workout products are great if you can take the jolt of energy… But if you naturally have it in you post workout products are better. Syntha-6 protein powder is one of my favorite post workout ways to introduce mega proteins into the body. With multiple flavors too choose from you can never go wrong and it dissolves great.  This product absolutely helps with growth. The amount of protein you need to build muscle is way too much to eat, taking protein powder on top of a great diet and strong workout you will definitely see the results you desire.  You will start seeing results within the first month and a half of taking this on a regular basis. Your protein powder should mostly contain proteins and amino acids. If you’re on a diet, or taking a multi-vitamin, you shouldn’t be introducing more vitamins into your body because you could possibly over dose on vitamins. Not cool. Another reason why this is a good product is because it’s mostly protein; its only purpose is to help you grow.  Sytha-6 also contains magnesium. The magnesium helps the body absorb the protein into the blood stream better, getting a much higher percentage of protein into the muscle fibers. Better results! Don’t forget… This mix comes in multiple flavors. A secret I would like to share is to blend it with milk! It tastes exactly like a milk shake except now you’ve boosted the amount of calcium and made it even tastier than before. This product ranges in terms of price depending on location and quantity; 10.99-99.99. Over all it’s a awesome product and a great way to end the day or start it.


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