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Bamford Watch Department Rolex Submariner

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The Bamford Watch Department is at it again, this time leaving a more minimal mark on another Rolex Submariner. Following Bamford’s blacked-out aesthetic, the Rolex Submariner Ceramic Date Spirit sees a micro-checkered dial with the absence of indices and hour markings. The date bubble has been left intact as it makes perfect use of the…

Innovative LED Alarm Clocks

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Gingko-Eco integrates the newest LED innovations into their alarm clocks. These styles are a prime example; they provide the time, date, and temperature at the snap of your fingers or the on the table. You’ll enjoy the ease and sleek design of these LED devices.

Trial Blazer Dark Brown BelAir Metal

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Lomography is a globally active organisation dedicated to experimental and creative visual expression, a playful combination of lo-tech and hi-tech, and a cultural institution involved in commercial photography and design. It is dedicated to the unique imagery and style of analogue photography, and well as the continuation of its development. Shoots 120 film 6 x…

RT @JohnMayer: If you’re pretty, you’re pretty; but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just “congratulations abo…