Prettie Encyclopedia


How do you enter different contests that are promoted on various social media platforms?

You can enter contest that are sponsored online by emailing, When entering a contest, please be sure to send your “username” and the contest name that you wish to enter.


How are winners determined for your contest?

Winners are calculated through a system that counts user activity.


I am interested in advertising for my company or product on your web page, how should I contact your office?

191 Peachtree St NE Suite 330, Atlanta, GA 30303



If you are interested in advertising with us, set up a meeting by calling the number provided above.



I am experiencing issues with my closet, how do I contact technical support?

Make sure to send an email to expressing your concerns about your closet. Your email will be directed to our technical support team.


I want to return or exchange my gift, what address should I send it?

First, you should send your concerns in an email to Make sure to include your Full name, Social Media name, Mailing Address, Name of the contest that you won and your concerns. One of our representatives will contact you via email.


Is there an app or a mobile site for me to download my closet to my phone?

Our design team is in the process of creating a mobile app.


How often can I enter into different contests?

You can enter our contests as many times as you like, however, you are only eligible to win every 30 days.


Where can I find the links to purchase the items that are shown on your website?

The links for the items that are shown on our website can be found under the “Fashion Tab.” You can follow the hyperlink below the item and you will be redirected to the site for purchase.


How many days do I have to claim my prize after I have won a contest?

Each winner has 48 hours(2 days)  to officially claim their prize. To claim your prize, please email telling us that you were informed that you won a contest and you would like to claim your prize.


How many days can I expect to wait before I receive my gift in the mail?
Please allow 7-14 business days to receive your gift. We will send you a delivery tracking number shortly after your gift is shipped. If you have not received with of these within 7-14 business days, please email to tell us that there is a problem.


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