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3 New Spa Techniques


After a tough day at work, you will find it enjoyable to get a new spa treatment. There are many different things you can do that will help you relax and feel better. The best part is that any of these services will fit into almost any budget.

At Laser and Spa Techniques located in Rockville Center in New York, you can enjoy services like a Cupping Massage. This procedure will run you $80 (60 min) $45 (30 min). With the procedure, excess fluids and toxins are removed and circulation and blood flow are improved in stagnant tissues and muscles. In some cases the suction will breakdown cellulite and loosen up stubborn scar tissue.

Since 1987, The Royal Treatment Day Spa in Syracuse, New York has been offering many services to customers. One such treatment is the Cellutec Cellulite Treatment for $125 per treatment or 10 for $995. This is a fast and very effective way to increase circulation and to reduce cellulite. These treatments are very innovative and can be used for seasonal detoxification or for loosing inches. The most optimal results can be achieved with between 10 to 12 sessions, and the monthly follow-ups. Clients are encouraged to drink 5 to 8 glasses of water before and after each session. They last an hour and a half each.

At the New Age Health Spa located in Neversink, New York, clients will enjoy a wide variety of services. The Aromatherapy Massage offered here utilizes essential oils from all around the world. The therapist that is appointed has been trained specifically to help select the proper blend that will be the most benefit to the client. The massage technique uses smooth strokes and the fragrant oils permeates the skin and the soul. It is a 50 minute session that is $115.00.

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