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Red Carpet Ready Abs In Under 10 Minutes


This is an old school secret that goes back to the days when Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe dominated the silver screen. The key to a perfectly flat stomach in minutes is Duct Tape! Yes, Duct Tape!
Here are eight easy steps to achieving an hourglass figure by creating the “Tape Corset”.

1. Start with 5 rolls of black duct tape, black will not show through your clothing like gray or any other color.

2. Wrap your mid-section with plastic wrap, making sure to completely cover your skin.

3. Start above the right hip and wrap clockwise upward towards your chest, slightly overlapping each piece of tape pulling tightly as wrap.
Completely cover your mid-section to just underneath the breast. (for a tighter wrap, have someone else wrap you)

4. Start below your left breast and wrap counterclockwise downward towards your hips, slightly overlapping each piece of tape pulling tightly as you wrap.

5. Once you are done bend forward from the waist several times and sit to allow for mobility. If you cant sit it’s too tight.

6. Get Dressed! That bandage or sleek LBD should look absolutely amazing!

7. To remove the tape corset cut slide a small pair of scissors open, between your skin and the corset cutting slowly down the side.

8. Take a shower. The plastic wrap and tape will make the skin on your mid-section sweat. Shower to freshen and revitalize the skin.

After a few tries, you will be a pro. Form fitting dresses will never intimidate you again.
You will be confident that you can achieve “Red Carpet Ready” in under 10 minutes.


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