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Facial Treatments – Get Red Carpet Ready for Your Special Occasion

No matter how disciplined your regular beauty regime is, preparing for important occasions requires a little extra effort. When you wish to appear chic and glowing at an event, you need to opt for a more aggressive beauty treatment apart from the regular manicures and pedicures. There are several beauty treatments that cleanse and detox your skin and revitalize your natural glow. There are beauty treatments that suit all skin tones, skin types and budgets.

Here are some of the best facial beauty treatments that will have you red carpet ready:

  • Microdermabrasion – A powerful exfoliating facial, microdermabrasion removes layer of dead skin cells, thus improving the texture and feel skin. It is a non-invasive skin treatment and is considered to give instant facelift.  There are different microdermabrasion methods which include cosmetic procedures, medical procedures and Do-it-yourself creams and scrubs. But, microdermabrasion procedures done at home may or may not yield satisfying results. Price – Cost varies with type of treatment, duration and expertise of person performing the treatment. Average cost is within $150 – $175.
  • Chemical Peel – Well suited for skin with uneven texture and high sun damage, chemical peels makes layer of dead skin peel off giving way to new skin cells. In this method, face is applied with a chemical solution that causes it to blister and then the solution is ‘peeled’ off. It helps in treating sagging or loose skin and also treats deep lines on face. Location – Medical skin treatment centers, specialized skin treatment salons.  Price – varies with the degree of chemical treatment. Approximate cost is within $199 – $400.
  • LED Light Treatments – Perfect for acne prone and aging skin, LED light treatments gives an instant lift to the skin. You can try it as a standalone treatment or use it in combination with other skin treatments. A painless skin treatment, it boosts production of collagen in the skin, thus gives a plump and younger looking skin. Location – Day spas that specialize in facial skin care.  Price – One treatment costs within $75 – $125.

Skin treatment is a way of indulging and pampering your skin to make it appear soft, rejuvenated and glowing. Facials can be the key to a flawless finish that is ready for a close-up.


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