Prettie Encyclopedia
  • A

    Attempt the impossible! A great vision for your life is always in fashion.

  • B

    Belt it Out!  To define the waist and achieve an hourglass figure, wear a stylish wide belt.

  • C

    Catch inspiration for new looks everywhere, television, movies, art, or anywhere you see color and pattern at play.

  • D

    Don’t be afraid of shape wear. Smooth and controlled is better than comfy and lumpy.

  • E

    Embrace your shape. Filter trends by wearing only those that compliment your shape, every trend does not flatter everyone.

  • F

    Find that amazing pair of comfortable heels that look and feel as great as you are.

  • G

    Go hands-free for the evening by wearing an evening bag with a cross body shoulder chain.

  • H

    Hydrate your face at least twice a day to maintain your skin’s moisture barrier.

  • I

    If you are unsure how to perform any health or beauty techniques, always seek professional assistance. Some tasks are better left to the professionals.

  • J

    Jeans are extremely versatile, but remember light colored jeans for day and dark colored jeans for business casual and date night.

  • K

    Keep your lips kissably soft by applying lip conditioner each night before bed.

  • L

    Loose foundation powder lightly applied, helps your face maintain a fresh look all day.

  • M

    Moisturize your face and wait five minutes before applying concealer or foundation to assist in blending the product with your natural skin tone.

  • N

    Nail polish should be stored in a cool dry place. Warm storage areas will cause the color chemicals to separate affecting the pigment and application of the polish.

  • O

    Omit foul language from your vocabulary. The English language contains approximately 600,00 words which is more than a sufficient amount for a Prettie Lady to use to eloquently express herself.

  • P

    Pantyliners worn daily will help extend the life of your underwear.

  • Q

    Quit your favorite shampoo once a month for a clarifying shampoo to ensure continued effective results.

  • R

    Resist the urge to pop pimples! Popping pimples can lead to swelling, scarring, and infection.

  • S

    Spray perfume on your pulse points and walk through a mist sprayed into the air to softly envelop yourself in the fragrance.

  • T

    Two minutes is the minimum amount of time recommended by dentists for brushing your twice daily. If you brush for less than two minutes, you should brush three to four times a day to achieve the same effectiveness.

  • U

    Until you are absolutely certain about a tat00, refrain from the impulse. Try a temporary for at least a week before you commit.

  • V

    Visit your local professional hairdresser at least once a month to maintain your Prettie Style.

  • W

    What to wear? Download the Prettie Closet App and the Auto feature will give you three looks to choose from.

  • X

    X the drama the out of your life. Look for the people, habits, and environments that bring chaos into your life and remove them.

  • Y

    Your life is yours to live. Choose yourself, choose to help others in ways that are in harmony with who you are and what you can give.

  • Z

    Zip your lips when it comes to gossip. The person gossiping with you about someone else will gossip with someone else about you.

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